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Power your online business with the right tools and features that connect with online payment processing.

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Track, Collect, & Process Payments

Get paid faster and efficiently with our seamless user-friendly processing systems. Manage your online payments from one easy-to-use platform with the necessary tools to stay organized and keep track of your incoming payments. Enjoy centralized control of your business through one online system.

Get to Know your Customers Better

Collect insights that allow you to get to know your customer better and learn what products and services are selling best. Experience a robust data analytics platform that provides insight on customer behavior and preferences. Our reporting tools allow you to better serve your customers.

Offer Convenience Through the Click of a Button

Collect payments from customers online, anytime and anywhere. With mobile and desktop friendly interfaces, we provide your business with the ability to create invoices, and to collect and receive payments. Put the power in the hands of your users by allowing purchases on-the-go!

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Flexible Online Payment Solutions

Online payment processing allows for companies to accept payments via the web. Payments are easily accepted and processed through virtual terminals and shopping carts in a quick, safe, and effective manner. These online payment solutions can be customized and easily integrated into your website to instantly generate sales and accept payments. Online payments make running a business easy by letting you focus on your core business values.

There are many online payment solutions available to you. Our technical knowledge makes us leaders in the industry. We provide you with the right tools you need to help build your business. Online payment processing is just one of those tools that can help get your e-commerce business going.

More Than Just Payment Tools

One of the biggest concerns with online payments is the security and safety surrounding transactions. Our payment processing tools offer advanced features that are designed to help your business grow and stay current with the newest technology in receiving payments. From fraud detection and data encryption our online payment solutions make running a business easy. Keep your customers safe with security-focused decisions and systems on your side.

With the growing threat of security breaches, we understand the need for a secure transaction space. All of our systems are PCI compliant; meaning your data is accepted, processed, transmitted, and stored securely through compliant host providers. These standards are in compliance according to the standards of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Council. From a customer perspective, they can rest easy knowing that their payments and private information will be secure.

Online Payments Technologies

Online payment overview

Nowadays, operating a business does not require you to purchase physical structures or spaces to set up your trade. Digital shops, utilizing mobile payments, are saturating the marketplace, growing with every passing day. Capturing sales and expanding the scope of trade requires the acceptance of online payments as a prerequisite.

Understanding How Your Money Reaches You Through Online Payment Processing

Online payment processing is a simple mechanism that takes place in a matter of minutes, involving 3 main parties - yourself, the customer and the technology forming the link between the extremities.

To understand how the money is transferred from your customer into your account, via the online payment processor (merchant service), you will have to realize the two stages involved:

  • Authorization of the sale

Your customer makes a purchase from your company and inputs the required credit/debit card information along with the price. The information, after passing through a payment gateway, is encrypted and sent to the payment processor. After which a request is sent to the customer's issuing bank to affirm the availability of funds to make the required purchase. The issuing bank either approves or denies the request accordingly. This response is sent to you through the payment processor, and if the request has been approved the payment processor sends the approval to the merchant bank to transfer the funds. 

  • Settlement of the funds

The customer's issuing bank, after approval, credits the funds to your merchant bank, which accordingly deposits the money into your account. At times, the settlement process may take a few days to wrap up or your bank grants you the funds even before the credit actually reaches them.

Discerning The Role Of An Online Payment Processor

An online payment processor/company is essentially an entity that allows your business to accept credit card payments or similar online payments. This implies the handling of behind-the-scenes transactions, from authorization of the customer data to encryption and interaction with the customer's issuing bank to the final settlement, all happening online.

However, the payment processors of today have brought convenience to your fingertips, by providing the accompanying hardware and software, to integrate various payment processing systems in your business.

What Is The Best Online Payment Processor?

A tough question to answer, figuring out the best online payment processor, depends on how you are accepting payments and the kind of payments you accept. You will have to carefully analyze your business operations and which online payment processor can satisfy your business specifications and needs.

There exist varieties of business solutions in terms of payment processors for all types of businesses. If you are seeking the best online payment processor for small business, there are varied features you can expect from equally varied payment processors.

  • Straight-forward invoicing at low cost
  • Simple payment gateways
  • Customized solutions for technology oriented businesses
  • Traditional tried-and-tested standards in online processing
  • POS systems with bundled payment services 
  • Affordable and customized merchant accounts

It is recommended to carefully research and consider the features and pricing models of the substantial options of payment processors available to you. Pay only for the features you require, given your business credentials, or invest in a payment processor which includes a higher scope of expansion of your business.

Employing The Best For Your Payment Processing Needs

The most efficient approach to backing your online business with the most suitable features and tools, to promote healthier online payments, is to partner with Merchant Services Broker Solutions. We offer flexible online payment solutions with time-efficient assistance, advanced analytics and a comfortable environment to harness the potential of the online trade.

Our services include, and are not limited to:

  • Point of sale system

Our easy to use point of sale systems integrate seamlessly with your existing business software. The customized processing solutions implement security protection along with PCI compliance, with payment options made for every type of business.

  • Software Integration/Accounting

Experience efficient performance, payment data security, and remarkable customer service with our integrated payment systems.

  • Virtual credit card terminals

Avail streamlined payments with secure orders, worldwide billing, quick and simple transactions, international payment acceptance and batch-wise credit card processing.

  • Merchant service providers

Functionality and compatibility is our top priority when curating meaningful customer experiences to increase your sales and revenue.

  • Credit card payment processing companies

Enhance your sales and regulate the business by relying on secure networks and our award-winning customized solutions in the competitive markets.

Contact us today at (888) 912-6727 or send a message to for further inquiries regarding online payment processing and the related services we furnish.

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