Credit Card Payment Processing Companies

An Overview of Credit Card Processing

Credit card transactions are becoming a norm in our daily lives, whether it is for a modest purchase or an online deal. A few years back, small businesses did not need to give a second thought to establish credit card payment processing in their shops due to the availability of cash.

However, with cash being fast replaced by cards, online payments, and contactless transactions, every business is making it a priority to align with credible credit card processing companies to set up the needed equipment and facilities.

It is essential to understand the process of how credit cards work and how the payment is processed through various point of sale systems when seeking to collaborate with suitable credit card processing companies for small business.

Parties and Processes involved in Credit Card Processing

Credit card payments are concluded in a matter of minutes, but internally, several procedures and entities are involved in authorizing and approving the transaction. 

  • The first procedure involves the authorization of the customer's details and approval from the issuing bank.
    When the issuing bank has approved the transaction, a similar message is sent to the overseeing card association as well as the card holder's bank. When the deal has been approved, in good standing, by all parties involved, the merchant or the business is allowed to accept the credit card payment.
  • The second procedure relates to the settlement, where the business involved sends a complete list of authorized transactions to the payment processor or the acquirer's bank. The card association is then contacted to charge the issuing bank for the transactions through the payment processor.

  • As for the funding, the issuing bank then ensures the complete coverage for all services accepted, by sending the appropriate costs to the acquiring bank. The payment processor settles all fees and deposits the funds into the merchant bank of the business.

Mapping Out the Pathway for Credit Card Processing Fees

Integrated fees are a part and parcel of the credit card transaction processing procedures. Online credit card payment processing companies charge various fees depending on the merchant or the type and size of business they are collaborating with. 

There is no set standard of fees that a company may charge towards credit card processing for business since the fees are also dependent on the services you avail from the merchant service providers.

Interchange fees form a larger component of the processing cost and are charged by the issuing bank when the acquiring bank receives due payment for the goods or services the merchant has applied for. Similarly, the payment processor deducts a small amount from the total payment before depositing the funds into the merchant account.

The value of the interchange fees can escalate to a maximum of 2% when companies offer customers additional perks like cashback or rewards.

Markup fees are applied in addition to the interchange rates; businesses can also be charged recurring fees, monthly fees, per-transaction fees, and more, depending on the services they receive.

To ensure the cooperation of all credit card processing companies in good faith, including the best credit card processing companies, Card Associations like MasterCard, Visa, etc., are authorized to regulate and oversee all transactions in the card industry.

Curating better Customer Service Experiences with Reliable Credit Card Processing Companies

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