Features of the best Virtual Credit Card Terminals

virtual credit card terminals
What is a virtual credit card terminal?

In very general terms, a virtual credit card terminal is a system that allows the acceptance of credit cards for payment from computer users. In practice, this means that a business can take orders and collect payments online without the need for an actual physical machine or device. These systems are typically connected to a website with shopping cart integration, but they have also been used to complete sales over the phone or by mail.

Features of the best virtual credit card terminals

There are several reasons why businesses would choose the best virtual credit card terminals instead of an actual machine.

  1. Lower cost of entry

The application and setup fees for virtual credit card terminals are far lower than the costs of having an actual physical machine. This makes it possible to get started without a large investment.

  1. Unlimited capacity

A normal credit card machine is connected to a single line, which limits its usefulness if too many orders come in at once. A virtual credit card terminal, on the other hand, is not limited to a single connection and can be adapted as needed.

  1. Higher security

The best virtual credit cards terminals use highly secure connections that far exceed the PCI-DSS standard for payment systems. This makes it possible to accept payments without putting client information and credit card numbers at risk. Thus, It is considered the best online payment for small businesses.

  1. Business continuity

A cyberattack on an actual machine can be devastating, destroying the system and disrupting business. A virtual credit card terminal cannot be physically destroyed in this way, which makes it easier for a business to recover after an attack.

  1. Fully featured

The best virtual credit cards terminals come with all of the features expected of any credit card payment system. This includes support for mobile transactions, recurring billing, and more.

These are just some of the features that make virtual credit card terminals among the best options for any business. For more information on how to get started with virtual credit cards or about the best credit card merchant services, contact Merchant Services Broker Solutions today at 888-912-6727 or email us at sales@msbrokersolutions.com.