What are some Pros or Cons of a Visa Credit Card?

visa card
What is a VISA credit card?

A visa credit card is a form of stored-value payment service offered by Visa. This means that the owner doesn’t need to actually own money in his/her checking account to buy goods or services with this card. The issuer, however, will keep track of all transactions for which you have used your Visa card and send you a bill every month. VISA credit cards are safe because no actual cash changes hands when buying something.

What are the features or benefits of a VISA credit card?
  1. Flexible Payment: Allows for an easier and more convenient way to pay with your credit card.
  2. Fraud Protection: Visa will not hold merchants accountable when charges are disputed by the receiver of a credit card, nor will they hold the receiver responsible if the issuer of their credit card decides to charge back funds. If you need
  3. Zero Liability: This is only applicable for purchases made at a store that does not allow you to return the items. If the store accepts your Visa card, this means that you are protected against any unauthorized use if your credit or debit card is lost or stolen. You are also not at risk for being held liable if the issuer decides to charge back funds.
  4. Fewer Restrictions: International travel is made easier with a Visa credit card because it offers fewer restrictions than some other types of cards. However, note that when in foreign countries it may be necessary to have cash on hand in case stores do not accept your VISA credit card.
  5. Rewards: Visa offers a wide range of rewards programs from airline miles to cash back depending on the type of card you have, and how often you use it.
  6. Low-Interest Rate: A low-interest rate can save a lot in fees if you plan to carry your credit card debt for an extended period of time.
  7. Low-Fee: A VISA credit card has a lower fee than some other cards.
What are the types of VISA cards?
  • VISA Signature Credit Card: The VISA Signature Credit Card comes with a reward program that offers double miles and cash back. This card is great for those who spend a lot on their credit cards, but also offers protection in case of fraud or theft.
  • VISA Platinum Credit Card: For people looking to save money with a VISA credit card, the Platinum card offers a special interest rate plan where you can save thousands of dollars in interest payment. This card also has a low fee, and offers cashback benefits to loyal customers.
  • VISA Infinite Credit Car:d The VISA Infinite credit card is a global accepted card with VIP privileges and concierge services available at the touch of a button. In case of an emergency, there will always be someone to help you.
  • VISA Classic Credit Card:  The VISA Classic card offers regular rates and terms, plus rewards for regular customers.
  • VISA Gold Credit Card:   The VISA Gold card is designed for customers looking to earn cashback rewards on regular purchases.
What are the cons of a VISA credit card?
  1. Expensive: The interest rates on a Visa credit card can be quite high, especially if you have a low-balance in your checking account. Be sure to budget wisely when it comes to using your credit card, especially if it’s a VISA.
  2. Fraud Protection: This is one of the biggest pros, but could also be considered a con because you are still liable for up to $50 in fraudulent charges. If this happens, contact your issuer immediately so they can dispute the charges with Visa/Mastercard on your behalf.
  3. Rewards: Remember that if your credit card is not paid off in full every month, you will have to pay interest for purchasing anything on your credit card. Because of this, some people choose to use their VISA for emergencies only so they do not accrue additional debt by using it for non-emergencies.
  4. Low-Interest Rate: For some people, a low-interest rate can end up being more expensive in the long run because you are unable to pay off your debt on time due to the high interest rates on some VISA cards.
  5. Low-Fee: If you are able to find a card with lower fees, it can be a better option than one that just has a low-interest rate.
 How to get a VISA credit card?
  1. Find the perfect card: To find the best card for you, it’s important to look at your spending habits and needs. Does that mean that you need a gold visa or just a regular one? Is there an annual fee associated with using this type of VISA?

Is there a higher interest rate for this type of VISA? All of these factors will make a difference in your decision.

  1. Look at the fees: Another important aspect to consider when searching for a card is looking into how much it might cost you to use the credit card every month after contractual agreements have been satisfied. You can check out VISA’s fee schedule so you can do a quick calculation on how much your fees will cost.
  2. Apply: After knowing the pros and cons of each type of VISA, you can decide which one is right for you and apply online to start using it!
How to pay your VISA credit card bills?
  1. Auto-pay: If you have a checking account that is linked to your VISA, you can easily set up your card to be paid automatically for you. All you need is access to online banking and a driver’s license number associated with the card.
  2. Manual Payment:  In case automatic bill pay isn’t an option, most issuers will allow for manual bill pay online, in person or by mail.
  3. Phone Payment: Finally, some issuers may even offer phone payments if you are unable to make bills in other ways. Simply call the issuer’s number on the back of your card and follow the automated prompts when prompted.

VISA credit cards are convenient because they allow you to spend money without using cash, but be sure to keep track of your spending habits and monitor your credit card bills.