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You’ve Chosen A Payment Gateway – Now What?

Choosing the right online payment gateway can be a lot of work, but that’s not even the entire job! Once you’ve found the right solution for your business, you have to actually integrate it into your current practices. If you’ve done your research, you’ve selected a gateway that fits well with your current infrastructure, but if you haven’t, it’s still possible with the right assistance. In both cases, Merchant Services Broker Solutions is here to help you with payment gateway integration. In order to properly set yourself up for success, your gateway has to be fully integrated with your sales process, your website, your mobile applications, and any other channels that you use to sell to customers. In addition to that, you want your checkout process to be intuitive and easy to navigate in order to reduce abandoned shopping carts. With all of these details being vital to business success, it’s recommended that you contact a professional like Merchant Services Broker Solutions to help with your integration.

Integrating Your Payment Gateway

For many companies, payment gateway integration is more complicated than simply pressing a button. Not only are there multiple places where a gateway may be needed, but the technical skills required for integration may seem like a barrier to entry. Luckily for you, Merchant Services Broker Solutions has all of the skills and experience to set up your online payment gateway without any issues. We have done this for many of our past customers, and we know exactly how to approach an integration project to minimize risks and maximize output. And while integration is surely something that businesses are able to do on their own from time to time, wouldn’t you rather have a professional get the job done with confidence? After all, doing it on your own can create issues that may not be noticeable at first glance but compound over time. By coming to a professional like Merchant Services Broker Solutions for help with your integration, you know that all of the boxes are checked and everything is set up to our best ability. Especially if you are using a gateway for mobile, desktop, or even in person, you want consistency with your results.

Designing Your Checkout Process

Once the gateway is set up, you aren’t actually completely finished with your payment gateway integration. One of the most important parts of using this type of technology is that you are able to design your checkout process with a high level of customization. Even in today’s world, many businesses actually lose customers during the checkout process. Imagine that – you’ve put in all of the work to create a lead and turn them into a buying customer, but you lose their business just as they are about to secure the deal. This can be extremely frustrating for businesses, and almost every business as experienced this. And while there may be many potential reasons for this phenomenon, many of these cases are caused by suboptimal checkout processes. Customers get cold feet because they stop trusting the vendor, get confused during checkout, get impatient with the purchasing process, or feel hesitant about giving up certain information. If you design your checkout process with these pain points in mind, you can reduce the number of abandoned carts that your business experiences. Furthermore, Merchant Services Broker Solutions does continual research on checkout design, and we can set it up for you!

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Knowing The Best Practices

One of the advantages of having Merchant Services Broker Solutions work with you for your payment gateway integration is that we’ve taken the time to research and continually update our list of best practices. When you enlist our help, we can make sure that your integration and checkout process are all optimized for high conversions. Some best practices to keep in mind are:

  • Only soliciting information that needs to be collected. Asking for too much can make forms seem complicated and intimidating.
  • Allowing for guest checkout. Not everyone wants to create an account when purchasing goods or services.
  • Showing a progress bar and future steps in the checkout process. Knowing what is to come and how much is left will help customers commit to the process.
  • Emphasizing secure payments by showing the logo of a trusted security partner

During our tenure, we’ve come up with many more best practices, but these are some good ones to get you started. If you’d like to work with a company that knows their stuff, get in touch with Merchant Services Broker Solutions today.

Collecting Metrics For Continued Improvement

Another important part of payment gateway integration is setting up your system to collect and measure metrics. By identifying the correct metrics to track right from the beginning, you can make sure that the data you are collecting is valuable to your business. Many companies that choose to integrate their solutions without the help of a trained professional miss this step and as a result miss out on the added benefits of continual process improvement. By tracking information such as uptime, busy hours, and popular items, you can scale your website up and down to save costs and reduce downtime. Likewise, you can invest in inventory or services that are popular by developing them further or offering discounts to increase business. Merchant Services Broker Solutions has experience with identifying helpful metrics for success, and we can share this information with you if you choose to partner with us.

Schedule An Appointment With Us Today

If you need help with payment gateway integration and are looking to partner with a reliable professional, get in touch with the team at Merchant Services Broker Solutions today. We are reachable at (888) 912-6727 or through email at [email protected], and we can help answer all of your questions. If you want more than a consultation, you can schedule an appointment with our team to start the integration process. It pays to have someone with experience on board, and we can prove it to you if you partner up with Merchant Services Broker Solutions!

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