Are Credit Card Processor Companies Really Important To Your Business?

credit card processing company

Specialising in small businesses, MS Broker Solutions helps its clients respond instantly to buyer preferences, through tailor-made solutions. Always including the best credit cards and payment options for each target market, MSBS streamlines conversions through boosting consumer confidence.

Why your business needs a credit card processing company?

With even the most unwilling consumers forced on-line by pandemic constraints, virtual shopping options have expanded at a dizzying rate. But when a customer’s preferred method of payment isn’t available, there’s a high chance that purchases will be dumped at the very last minute.

For business owners, these lost opportunities are only too visible in abandoned carts. In fact, almost 70% of intended purchases dead-end in abandonment. And this is where an experienced merchant services provider like MSBS provides generous payback on its fees, often many times over.

What to expect from the best merchant services provider

Through services ranging from on-line gateways to point-of-sale facilities, mobile payments and virtual terminals accepting multiple credit cards, MSBS lets happy customers decide exactly how they want to pay for their purchases. And that means better word-of-mouth publicity, while easily converting leads into repeat customers.

However, MSBS knows that the other end of the sales process is just as important. Expertly integrating its software with in-house accounting systems, it links customer-facing sales staff to back-office routines through seamless planning, all designed by this experienced credit card payment processing company.

Picking the best virtual credit card

In a post-pandemic economy, trust is a key factor for boosting sales. This is why the best virtual credit cards reassure even the wariest customers, as they are valid for only a single purchase.

Hack-proof but easy to use, these digital payment devices protect personal data. Just as important, MSBS makes sure that all transactions are compliant with fiscal regulations.

Get to know MS Broker Solutions

Established in California more than thirty years ago, MS Broker Solutions has technology ingrained in its DNA. Keeping a sharp eye on cutting-edge progress in nearby Silicon Valley, MSBS responds rapidly to requests for personalized estimates. Call us for a competitive free quote today: (888) 912-6727.